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Focusing on aerospace applications, the symposium will cover all aspects of the dynamics, navigation, guidance and control in astronautics and aeronautics, spanning from theoretical studies to industrial applications. It will include navigation, guidance and control of aircrafts, helicopters, missiles, satellites and probes, ELV and RLV launchers. Autonomous, intelligent, unmanned and networked are key words for rapidly evolving fields of aerospace systems. Particularly, cooperative/distributed control for multiple air/space vehicles including formation flight and air traffic control is a hot topic. Space exploration and transportation to planets, satellites, comets, asteroids, etc., is a typical application field of automatic control. Miniaturization progress in electronic technologies, in particular in microprocessors and sensors provides the basis to realize small satellites and micro air vehicles. Here noise effects raise specific control challenges. Emphasis will also be placed on forthcoming trends, perspectives and future research projects are welcome, as well as lessons learned in current projects and technologies. This symposium also encourages students to present results of Aerospace control projects.

Invited Plenary Presentations

  • Rick Welch (NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory): Challenges in operating the mars science laboratory "Curiosity" rover. 
  • Dr. D'Amico (DLR/German Aerospace Center):  Autonomous Formation Flying: TanDEM-X, PRISMA and Beyond.

Invited Sessions

  • "Innovative control techniques and validation: from theory to aeronautic and space industrial application", Organizer: Guilhem Puyou (Airbus) / Martine Ganet (ASTRIUM)
  • "Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Control", Organizer: Yevgeny Somov (Samara State Technical University)
  • "Missile Guidance Navigation & Control", Organizer: Antonios Tsourdos (Cranfield Univeristy), Stephane Le Menec (MBDA)
  • "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles", Organizer: Antonios Tsourdos (Cranfield Univeristy), Youdan Kim (Seoul National University)
  • "Rendezvous and Docking to Passive Objects in Space", Organizer: Philip Necsulescu (University of Würzburg)

Keynote Address

Space pioneers, Prof. Dr. Eveline Gottzein (formerly EADS/Astrium) and Wolfgang Wimmer (formerly ESOC) will report first hand from the exciting starting phase of european space activities and about the foundation of the IFAC TC on Aerospace.


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