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    10th Pico- and Nano-Satellite Workshop on "Technologies for Small Satellite Research"

    September 13-14 2017, Würzburg, Germany


    Advances in applying miniaturization technology to satellites offer interesting potential for innovative missions with small satellites. The annual “Pico and Nano satellite workshop” is intended as a platform for knowledge exchange between researchers from all fields of small satellite development. In continuation of the past pico- and nano-satellite workshops, the scope of the workshop is focused on

    • Small satellite missions
    • Distributed small satellite systems
    • Subsystem technologies for small satellites
    • Payloads for small satellites
    • Applications
    • Educational aspects

    Keeping with the tradition of continued and competitive research activities in the field of small satellites, the 10th workshop on pico- and nano-satellites will be hosted once again at Wuerzburg University. We are looking forward to welcome participants and lecturers from Germany, Europe and overseas.

    The workshop program can be found hereSelected best contributions will be invited for publication in the conference proceedings in the IAA book series on Small Satellites.

    We are happy to announce that in the scope of this year’s pico- and nano-satellite workshop a local Pre 5th Mission Idea Contest (PreMIC5) will be held. For more information and latest updates about the PreMIC5 please visit our websitePreMIC5 flyer can be retrieved here.


    PiNa workshopAbstract submission: 24.07.2017 (extended from 17.07.2017)
    Notification of acceptance:02.08.2017
    Registration Closure:09.08.2017


    Participants are requested confirm their participation through e-mail latest by August 9th, 2017. The registration fee of 85€ covers lunch and coffee breaks during the conference as well as a social dinner on 13th September 2017.


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