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    Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics

    Highlights of the study program at the chair

    • Sensors networks
    • Robotics, Automation and Control theory
    • Telematics: Automation via Telecommunication networks
    • Space technology: Mission and Systems design

    The Department of Robotics and Telematics at the University of Wuerzburg comes under the Faculty of Computer Science and offers academic programmes in the following areas:


    Undergraduate studies:

    • Sensor systems, Lecture, Exercises
    • Automation and Control theory Lecture, Exercises, Laboratory work for Controls and "Praktikum" for Automation
    • Robotics Hardware Praktikum: Sensor Programming and Embedded Control Systems

    Graduate Studies, Informatics:

    • Robotics I - Introduction to Robotics: Lecture, Exercises, Practical robot building, Seminar, Laboratory work
    • Robotics II: Autonomous and remote controlled robots
    • Telematics - Sensors/Actuators: Lecture, Exercises, Seminar

    Graduate Program, Spacemaster, SaTec:

    • Spacecraft System Design
    • Advanced Automation
    • Space Dynamics
    • Team Design Project
    • Seminar on Space Systems


    All programs at the chair will be supplemented by relevant experiments and laboratory work. In this regard, experiments in close relation to current industrial practices are designed and implemented, some of which are illustrated below.


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