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    Prof. Nüchter wins Best Paper Award from IEEE Vehicular Technology Society


    The paper titled "A sensor-fusion drivable-region and lane-detection system for autonomous vehicle navigation in challenging road scenarios" with Andreas Nüchter as Co-Author has been chosen as the best paper in the last 5 years at the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference in Chicago.

    This paper presents a novel real-time optimal-drivable-region and lane detection system for autonomous driving based on the fusion of light detection and ranging (LIDAR) and vision data. The system proposed uses a multisensory scheme to cover the most drivable areas in front of a vehicle. The authors propose a feature-level fusion method for the LIDAR and vision data and an optimal selection strategy for detecting the best drivable region. Then, a conditional lane detection algorithm is selectively executed depending on the automatic classification of the optimal drivable region. This system successfully handles both structured and unstructured roads.



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