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    Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics

    Publications List 2006

    Barza, R.; Aoki, Y. & Schilling, K.;
    CubeSat UWE-1 technology tests and in orbit results.
    57th International Astronautical Congress Valencia, IAC-06-B5.3.07. 2006
    Driewer, F.; Sauer, M. & Schilling, K.;
    Mixed Reality for Teleoperation of Mobile Robots in Search and Rescue Scenarios.
    12th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing (INCOM), St. Etienne, France. 2006 (II), S. 255 - 260
    [Free download from IFAC-PapersOnLine]
    Hess, M.; Saska, M. & Schilling, K.;
    Formation driving using partical swarm optimization and reactive obstacle avoidance.
    Proceedings of the 1st IFAC Workshop on Multivehicle Systems (MVS'06), Salvador, Brazil. 2006
    [Free download from IFAC-PapersOnLine]
    Kiencke, U.; Nielsen, L.; Sutton, R.; Schilling, K.; Papageorgiou, M. & Asama, H.;
    The impact of automatic control on recent developments in transportation and vehicle systems.
    In: Reviews in Control 30 (2006), S. 81-89
    Ma, L.; Schmid, C. & Schilling, K.;
    Adaptive Backstepping Sliding-Mode Control with Application to a Flexible-Joint Manipulator.
    4th IFAC Symposium on Mechatronic Systems, Heidelberg, Germany. 2006
    [Free download from IFAC-PapersOnLine]
    Pavlicek, J.; Mazl, R.; Preucil, L.; Driewer, F. & Schilling, K.;
    Experiencing New Capabilities of Humans in Hybrid Telematic Teams.
    IEEE Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BioRob 2006). Pisa, Italy. 2006, S. 353-358, ISBN: 1-4244-0040-6
    Priya, R. & Schilling, K.;
    Component Based Ground Station Network using Modular and Distributed Systems.
    1st International Workshop on Ground Station Network, University Space Engineering Consortium, Tokyo. 2006
    Saska, M.; L.Preucil & M.Kulich: Elliptic net - a path planning algorithm for dynamic environments.
    ICINCO 2006, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, Robotics and Automation, Setúbal, Portugal. 2006, S. 372-377, ISBN:972-8865-61-9
    Saska, M.; Macas, M.; Preucil, L. & Lhotska, L.;
    Robot Path Planning using Particle Swarm Optimization of Ferguson Splines.
    IEEE Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA '06), Prague, Czech Republic. 2006, S. 833-839, ISBN:1-4244-0681-1
    Schilling, K.;
    Design of Pico-Satellites for Education in Systems Engineering.
    In: IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine 21 (2006), S. 9-14
    Schilling, K.;
    UWE-1: Students Launched the First German Pico-Satellite.
    Aeronautics and Space Education Workshop, Istanbul. 2006
    Schilling, K.; Schmidt, M. & Barza, R.;
    In orbit experiences from the picosatellite UWE-1.
    Proceedings of the 4S Symposium: `Small Satellite Systems and Services,' Chia Laguna Sardinia, Italy, ESA SP-618. 2006
    Schmidt, M.
    Entwurf und Durchfuehrung von Experimenten zur Charakterisierung der Kommunikationsverbindung von UWE-1 mit der Anpassung und Optimierung der benoetigten Protokolle
    Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress. 2006
    Schmidt, M. & Zeiger, F.;
    Design and Implementation of In-Orbit Experiments for the Pico Satellite UWE-1.
    IAF Student Conference, Valencia, IAC-06-E2.1.07. 2006
    Zeiger, F.; Schmidt, M. & Schilling, K.;
    A Flexible Extension for Pico-Satellite Communication Based On Orbit Operation Results of UWE-1.
    57th International Astronautical Congress, Valencia, IAC-06-B5.2.05.. 2006
    Zeiger, F.; Schmidt, M. & Schilling, K.;
    Die Realisierung von Robotik und Mechatronik Tele-Experimenten via Internet für internationale Studenten.
    In: Global Journal of Engineering Education, Special Edition - German Network of Engineering Education VII, Melbourne-Wismar 10 (2006), Nr. 3, S. 245-256

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