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    Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics

    Publications List 2018

    Kondrateva, O.; Döbler, H.; Sparka, H.; Freimann, A.; Scheurmann, B.; Schilling, K.;
    Throughput-optimal joint routing and scheduling for low-earth-orbit satellite networks
    Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services (WONS). 2018, pp: 59-66
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    Zakšek, K.; James, M.R.; Hort, M.; Nogueira, T.; Schilling, K.;
    Using picosatellites for 4-D imaging of volcanic clouds: Proof of concept using ISS photography of the 2009 Sarychev Peak eruption
    Journal Remote Sensing of Environment. Vol. 210, 2018, pp: 519-530
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