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    Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics

    Dipl.-Inform. Florian Kempf

    Research Assistant

    Computer Science VII : Robotics and Telematics 
    Department of Computer Science, Room B106
    Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg 
    Am Hubland 
    D-97074 Würzburg 

    Tel.:  +49-931-31-80878
    Fax.: +49-931-31-86679


    Florian Kempf studied technical computer science at the University of Würzburg. He finished his diploma in the subject of mobile robotics in January 2013. He is now pursuing his PhD studies and is working as a research assistant in the Yete project.

    Research interests

    Autonomous mobile robots, Satellite Networks, Underactuated Robot Control, Artificial Intelligence and Softcomputing Applied Swarm-Intelligence