Prof. Dr. Andreas Nüchter

Professor for Telematics

Informatics VII : Robotics and Telematics 
Informatics building, room B110
Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg 
Am Hubland 
D-97074 Würzburg 

Tel. +49-931-31-88790
Fax +49-931-31-86679
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Andreas Nüchter is professor of computer science (telematics) at University of Würzburg. Before summer 2013 he headed as assistant professor the Automation group at Jacobs University Bremen. Prior he was a research associate at University of Osnabrück. Further past affiliations were with the Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS, Sankt Augustin), the University of Bonn, from which he received the diploma degree in computer science in 2002 (best paper award by the German society of informatics (GI) for his thesis) and the Washington State University. He holds a doctorate degree (Dr. rer. nat) from University of Bonn. His thesis was shortlisted for the EURON PhD award. Andreas works on robotics and automation, cognitive systems and artificial intelligence. His main research interests include reliable robot control, 3D environment mapping, 3D vision, and laser scanning technologies, resulting in fast 3D scan matching algorithms that enable robots to perceive and map their environment in 3D representing the pose with 6 degrees of freedom. The capabilities of these robotic SLAM approaches were demonstrated at RoboCup Rescue competitions, ELROB and several other events. He is a member of the GI and the IEEE.