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    Prof. Schilling has published more than 250 reviewed articles in journals and at international conferences.

    Selected references are:

    Tzschichholz, T.;Ma, L.; & Schilling, K.;
    Model-based spacecraft pose estimation and motion prediction using a photonic mixer device camera
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    Eck, D.; & Schilling, K.;
    Robotic and Telematic Assistant Technologies to Support Aging People
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    Schilling, K.;
    Networked Distributed Pico-Satellite Systems for Earth Observation and Telecommunication Applications.
    Plenary Paper in Proceedings of IFAC Workshop Aerospace Guidance,Navigation and Flight Control, Samara, Russia, IFAC. 2009
    Hess, M.; Saska, M. & Schilling, K.;
    Application of Coordinated Multi-Vehicle Formations for Snow Shoveling on Airports.
    In: Intelligent Service Robotics 2(4) (2009), DOI: 10.1007/s11370-009-0047-6 , S. 205-217
    Zeiger, F.; Schmidt, M. & Schilling, K.: Remote Experiments with Mobile Robot Hardware via Internet at limited Link Capacity. In: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 56 (2009), Nr. 12, S. 4798-4805
    Schmidt, M.; Ravandoor, K.; Kurz, O.; Busch, S. & Schilling, K.;
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    In: Space Technology 28. 2009, pp. 67-74
    Schilling, K.;
    Design of Pico-Satellites for Education in Systems Engineering.
    In: IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine 21 (2006), S. 9-14
    Schilling, K.;
    The CASSINI / HUYGENS Space Mission to Explore the Saturnian System.
    Proceedings 16th IFAC World Congress, Prague, Czech Republic. 2005, paper Th-M01-TO/1
    [Free download from IFAC-PapersOnLine]
    Schilling, K.;
    Mobile Mini-Robots for Engineering Education
    Global Journal of Engineering Education Vol. 6. 2002, pp. 79-84

    Research Monographs, Collective Volumes

     K. Schilling, F. Pranajaya, E. Gill, A. Tsourdos. Small satellite formations for distributed surveillance: System design and optimal control considerations. NATO RTO Lecture Series SCI-231, 2011.

    T. Dragomir, I. Dumitrache, K. Schilling (eds.), Telematics applications, IFAC Conference Proceedings 2010

    K. Schilling, M. Garcia-Sanz, B. Twiggs, and R. Sandau. Small satellite formations for distributed surveillance: System design and optimal control considerations. NATO RTO Lecture Series SCI-209, 2009.

    K. Schilling (ed.), Proceedings of the 13th IASTED International Conference on Robotics and Applications (RA’07), Würzburg, Germany, August 2007.

    K. Schilling, H. Roth (eds.),  Telematics Applications in Automation and Robotics,  Pergamon / Elsevier Science 2001

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