Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII - Robotik und Telematik

    MSc. Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasan

    Systems Analyst

    Computer Science VII : Robotics and Telematics
    Department of Computer Science, Room B101
    Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg
    Am Hubland
    D-97074 Würzburg

    Tel.:  +49-931-31-80269
    Fax.: +49-931-31-86679
    Email: srinivasan@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de
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    PGP Key Fingerprint: CF30 5251 9720 C30F CE1E C3CD 81FB B4F7 37FC E586


    Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasan completed his double master's in Space Science and Technology in 2009 and obtained his degrees from the University of Wuerzburg and Lulea University of Technology. He has been employed at the Department of Robotics and Telematics/ Institute for Computer Science as Systems Analyst since then.


    Best paper award in Telematics Applications, Seoul, November 2013

    Scholarship recipient (global award) for the duration of master's studies

    Scholarship recipient and University of Madras (now Anna University) 3rd rank in Mechanical Engineering (out of more than approx. 8,000 students)

    Work includes:

    Project leader: Design and development of a teleoperation schema for control of a remote mobile robot over variable bandwidth networks.

    Funding proposals: European level EU proposals (Horizon 2020), national and Bavarian funding proposals

    Research activities: Telematic control methods, teleoperation protocols and schema, time delayed teleoperation [Publications]

    Teaching activities: Exercises in Robotics (Robotics I), Experiments with KuKa Manipulators - Summer School Aerospace Technology, Mathematics for Space-Engineering I & II: preparatory course for Master's in Space Science and Technology, Mathematics for Control Engineering in Space I, Mechanical Structures of Space Systems - first semester SpaceMaster lecture, IT Lecturer - Rechenzentrum, Course supervision of Tele-experiments with remote mobile robots (6 ECTS, part of VHB), Thesis supervision

    IT Bereichsmanager & IT-Sicherheitsbeauftragter: Officially nominated as the substitute IT-Bereichsmanager for the faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Duties of the position can be read under paragraph 5.2 of the  IT-Konzept der Universität Würzburg. 

    IT Manager: Server & System Administration incl. HA systems of the institute of Computer Science and the Department of Robotics and Telematics. Development & maintenance of the central IT services of the Institute of Computer Science.

    Network Administration: Institute of Computer Science, Department of Robotics and Telematics, Robotics Hall, Telematics Center

    Laboratories supervision & administration: Control Laboratory, Telematics laboratory, Remote robotic laboratories

    Webmaster: Institute of Computer Science, Department of Robotics and Telematics, Center for Adaptive Robotics

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    Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII (Robotik und Telematik)
    Am Hubland
    97074 Würzburg

    Tel.: +49 931 31-86678
    Fax: +49 931 31-86679

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