01.07.2017 - Stephan Busch received award for best PhD-thesis

During the faculty celebrations on 1.7.2017, Dr. Stephan Busch received for his dissertation the faculty's award for the best thesis in the past academic year.

19.05.2017 - Doris Aschenbrenner completes PhD

Doris Aschenbrenner successfully defended her PhD thesis titled "Human Robot Interaction Concepts for Human Supervisory Control and Telemaintenance Applications in an Industry 4.0 Enviroment". 

17.05.2017 - ZfT is the winner of the Airbus Space Challenge

Our spin-off Zentrum für Telematik was in a tough selection of international teams selected as winner of the Airbus space challenge. Their proposal addressed innovative industry 4.0 approaches to improve future production of satellites. [Press Release in German] [Press Release in English][BR Fernsehen Video (15 MB)]

(L)Auf die künftige modulare adaptive Produktion im Weltraum stoßen an (von rechts nach links): Dr. Johannes von Thadden (Senior Vice-President, Mitglied der Airbus DS GmbH Geschäftsführung), Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund (Vorstandsvorsitzende der DLR), Gracia Vittadini (Head of Engineering der Airbus Defence and Space) und Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling (Vorstand Zentrum für Telematik, Würzburg) (R)Die Preisverleihung im Airbus Challenge

19.04.2017 - Bessel-Award for Prof. Dusan Stipanovic

The highly reputed Bessel-Award of the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation received this year Prof. Dr. Dusan Stipanovich for joined research on cooperating robots and satellites in Würzburg. [Press Release in German] [Profile Prof. Stipanovic]

12.04.2017 - Support from South Africa for TIM consolidated

During the visit of the Bavarian delegation of Minister of Economics Ilse Aigner to South Africa a small satellite symposium was held at CPUT in Capetown. It focussed on the joint "Telematics International Mission (TIM)" addressing a pico-satellite formation for Earth observation with applications in agriculture, in volcano and in marine monitoring.

Prof. Herman Steyn (Stellenbosch University) explains to Minister Ilse Aigner and Prof. Klaus Schilling the South African pico-satellites.

12.04.2017 - Day of Spaceflight

On 12.4.1958 Jury Gagarin was lauched as first human into space and so 12th April was declared as official day of manned space flight. In this context Bayerischer Rundfunk also broadcasted 2 interviews about our unmanned satellites - BR-1 BR-2

27.01.2017 - Hamidreza Houshiar obtains his doctorate

Hamidreza Houshiar (supervised by Prof. Nüchter) has successfully defended his thesis and obtained his doctorate. 

10.01.2017 - UWE-3 going on and on and on

A news article about the longevity of our UWE-3 cubesat, which after 3 years in orbit is still going strong, was published (in German) in the einBLICK magazine of the university. The complete article can be found [here

24.07.2016 - Mini-Satellite Formations on BR-Rundschau TV

Prof. Schilling presented satellite formations for Earth observation on BR Fernsehen (Bavarian TV). The usefulness of mini-satellites in formation to observe specific events like volcanic ash-cloud was specially highlighted during the news feed which can be found at the URL below. The part regarding satellites begins at approximately 08 minutes and 20 seconds into the video.  

[Link to official video]

20.07.2016 - Spacemaster pioneer Stephan Busch passed PhD in excellent way

Stephan Busch emphasized in his disputation his significant contributions to pico-satellite design in the areas standardisation, efficient power systems and, in particular, on robust on-board data handling systems. In addition to all the international awards already received, his PhD with "summa cum laude" is now added to his professional curriculum.